I’m Sonya Fehér.

I’m a published poet, columnist and essayist. Currently, I’m a stay at home mom to Cavanaugh True, who was born in November 2006. I am a leader of the South Austin chapter of Attachment Parenting International, a contributing editor for API Speaks, and a columnist for The Attached Family.

I have worked as Center Director and Director of Education for Sylvan Learning Center, an adjunct English professor, a high school English and creative writing teacher, Program Director for the National Poetry Slam, a standardized test grader, a blackjack dealer, a hostess, a cashier in a record store, a cashier in a bookstore, a dishwasher, and a babysitter. Really, this is an abbreviated work history.

I was raised in Taos, New Mexico where my parents moved in 1969 to study with a guru and meditate. You probably won’t be surprised that I am far left of center and am a vegetarian. I currently live in Austin, Texas though I frequently dream of some unknown elsewhere. I have more hobbies than I can name and have a list of 50 fun things I like to do. I figure if I’ve got them written down I’ll remember to actually do them.

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